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7 Types of Rotators You Should Know

We’ve all seen them; spinning signs, rotating cars, and flashy hanging disco balls at parties. But did you know that behind these eye catching displays are a variety of styles of rotators?

1. Outdoor Rotators

Originally used for large-scale signage outside businesses, these powerful machines are still turning heads in theme parks, stadiums, the Las Vegas strip and internationally. Built to withstand wind and weather they’re proof that the classics never die.

2. Indoor Rotators

The Indoor Rotator is an incredibly versatile tool, used to draw attention to everything from airport information to mannequins to coffee shop logos. They’re a popular choice to advertise specific brands in bars and pubs, strong enough to rotate a car and have even been used to display products on the home shopping network.

3. Banner Winch Rotators

As their name suggests Banner Winch Rotators’ talents lie in their ability to raise and lower signs in addition to turning them. The banner winch inside the rotator safely lowers the sign for repairs or changes. Convenience is key and the Banner Winch is ideal for lightweight, seasonal signs that need to be changed out quickly and easily.

4. Hanging Rotators

Made for use with stretch fabric banners and light displays, Hanging Rotators themselves are light and inexpensive. But don’t let that fool you; they’re no lightweights when it comes to attracting attention. The turning motion of a Hanging Rotator is sure to draw eyes when placed against the stationary backdrop of a trade show or retail environment.

5. Trade Show Rotators

These rotators are built to attract the attention of foot traffic in a trade show booth. Turning signs, displays and even TV’s catch the eye of anyone walking past because they stand out among the hundreds of stationary signs around them. Even bad real estate isn’t a problem; booths at the back and sides of the hall get lots of visitors thanks to rotating signs drawing people in.

6. Video Rotators

Video Rotators come in two styles; Casino LCD and Classic LED. Casino LCD’s are large, flashy and always in motion above slot machines and other casino games. When it comes to drawing attention casino style Video Rotators are the kings. On the other end of the spectrum Classic LED Video Rotators move so slowly that you’ll barely notice. Quiet and subtle, they’re used in shopping centers to give 360 degree video viewing without ever completely obstructing the customers line of sight to any store in the mall.

7. Display Turntable Rotators

The littlest member of the rotator family, Display Turntables typically carry small objects and light loads, though they can handle up to 800 lbs if needed. They’re used in shopfronts and store windows to show point of purchase items like shoes, baked goods and jewelry, increasing interest and sales in those products along the way.