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4 Creative Uses of Dynapac Rotators

All around the globe people are coming up with new and creative ways to use motion to make their company and their products stand out. Here are four of the most unusual, most unique and all around most fun uses for Dynapac Rotators we have seen.

1. Uniqlo Mannequins

The most fashionable item on our list, this lively crowd is on display for the Japan-based clothing company Uniqlo. The mannequins are placed throughout the store, in the front windows and even hanging upside down from the ceiling and every mannequin in the store rotates in perfect synchronization.

2. Rock of Ages

Instead of constantly turning, the Rock of Ages Slot Display at the Venetian in Las Vegas makes half a turn before pausing. This gives casino-goers plenty of time to admire the flipping stage and its reversible display; a motorcycle on one side and a drum kit on the other. Whichever side isn’t on facing upwards is cleverly hidden below the stage while it waits for its turn in the spotlight.

3. Indy Car

What better way to celebrate the Indianapolis-500 than with a party, complete with hanging Indy Car in the place of a disco ball? BMG Event Productions suspended the several thousand pound car, upside-down, from the ceiling above the dance floor for the event. Like any good car turned disco ball the display rotates slowly to reflect the lights.

4. MirrorBall

For New Years 2015 and 2016 Salt Lake City has forgone fireworks in favor of a giant disco ball, the largest in the United States, built by artist Derek Dyer and christened the MirrorBall. The behemoth, measuring over 60 feet in diameter, is opened up and rotated at ground level, allowing party-goers to walk inside before it is hoisted over the city on December 31. And the spinning disco ball is, of course, dropped when the clock strikes 12.

Photo by Steve Griffen|The Salt Lake Tribune, 2015