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Why Should you Choose Dynapac?

  • Engineering Roundtable – No charge for 1/2 hour to speak with an engineer about your project and brainstorm ideas on how to make it a reality. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY ENGINEERING REVIEW NOW
  • Experience – Over 60 years designing, building and installing innovative motion solutions for clients all over the world.
  • Customization – We work with new construction or existing building remodeling and create a design that works for you.
  • Qualified – P.E. Engineer (Mechanical/California) on staff to review all designs with our engineering team.
  • Safety – Each system is designed to include a secondary safety strap to arrest the fall of a chandelier in case the primary system were to fail.
  • Installation – Our trained installation technicians ensure that your chandelier will hang properly and safely.
  • Engineering – Our qualified engineering staff uses the latest technology including CAD, Finite Element Analysis and Solid Modeling.
  • Submittal Drawings & Documentation – Provided for all projects to satisfy specifications and requirements of general contractors and building owners

John Margetts

President, MS Mechanical engineer, P.E.sition

Mechanical engineer in the orthopedic medical device industry for 4 years designing and developing implants and instruments with surgeons at Johnson & Johnson.  20 years extensive design/build experience with electric motors, gear drives and controls.  Is a Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering for the state of California and maintains a current active license for signing/stamping drawings.  Functioning as president of Dynapac for 13 years overseeing all operations and management of the facility.  Operates Dynapac as a debt-free company and maintains a very low turnover workforce.
John has worked 24 years in industry, 20 years at Dynapac.

Cameron Searle

Vice president of production, Bs manufacturing engineer

Experienced with Design and production of complicated computer-controlled displays.  Detail oriented with capability to organize and produce complex systems for installation anywhere in the world.  Quality Control and Inventory Control background.  Oversees all machine shop, fabrication shop, and assembly shop production at Dynapac.  Understanding of Welding, CNC manufacturing and Engineering systems to allow full communication between all parties to create complex final assemblies. 
John has worked 24 years in industry, 20 years at Dynapac.

Cameron has worked 10 years in the industry, 10 years at Dynapac.

Dan Buckmiller

Engineering manager, bs mechanical engineering

Background in design and use of composite materials (large windmill blades, parts for Boing 787 Dreamliner, computer-controlled manufacturing machinery).  Has extensive experience overseeing and managing R&D and custom projects related to the mechanical engineering industry.  Excellent problem solving skills. 
Dan has worked 34 years in industry, 8 years at Dynapac.

Brian Wilson

special projects manager, as manufacturing technology & drafting

Extensive background in design and program of computer control systems for machines and display motors.  Expert in mechanical design, assembly, and production of motion style machines.  Experienced with Stepper motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Programmable Logic Control Relays, Sensors, and Touch Screen controls.
Brian has worked 33 years in the industry, 30 years at Dynapac.

Alex Campbell

MECHANICAL ENGINEER ,bs mechanical engineering

Extensive work with 3D models and CAD files with experience in the following:
• Finite Element Analysis
• Mechanical Design
• Architectural Submittals
• Solid Modeling
• Manufacturing Prints and Drawings
• Machining
• Prototyping
• Wiring Diagrams
• CAD Design

Alex has worked 8 years in the industry, 8 years at Dynapac.

Complimentary Engineering Review

Did you know that Dynapac has a full staff of engineers with competencies including Control Systems, Materials, Electronics and most importantly MECHANICAL ENGINEERING?

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-801-485-2221 now to schedule a FREE 30 minute engineering assessment of your project! We can help you identify the best and most cost effective methods for making your dream a reality.

Featured Physics – Bending Moment

Did you know that weight is not the most important factor to consider when choosing a rotator?

 That’s right. Since rotation relies on taking something from a stationary space to rotating one, the rotating bearing is taking the majority of the load. So the height, width and even the center mass can impact whether or not this bearing holds or fails.

See the diagram to the right? The downward force is strongest at the edge farthest from the wall. That means that it acts like a lever and create a problem if you haven’t compensated for this.

We go in to more about this concept in our blog post below. Click the link and check this post as well as other interesting physics challenges we solve in our Learning Library.