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Motion That Attracts Attention


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Stand out.

From point-of-purchase to large scale product displays, the competition for consumer awareness is never ending. At Dynapac we have made it our business for over 50 years to attract attention and engage consumer awareness with high quality motion products that stand out among static displays and stationary signage. With the capacity to custom engineer both indoor and outdoor rotating product displays, and experience with exhibits ranging from 20 to 100,000 pounds, Dynapac has become the industry leader in rotation and special applications for the sign industry.

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Why motion?

Motion has proved to be one of the most invaluable ways to attract attention in the advertising industry. The difference between an advertisement that sells itself over and over and one that does not is simple: consumer awareness. In order to create a “view” that will stand out and remain with the consumer, a product needs to be advertised in a creative way. This becomes simple with a Dynapac rotator or rotating product display, as product perception increases by over 50% with a motion display as compared to a static one (POPAI).

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A Motion Study.

Research conducted for Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI) looked into the effectiveness of both motion and static displays, noting results in Market Sales as well as Consumer Awareness. Their studies showed that motion does indeed attract attention, increasing sales by 107% in product specific stores with a rotating product display in comparison with a 56% sales increase in the same stores that carried static displays. In a Consumer Awareness Test, based on three different point-of-purchase product displays, POPAI discovered that 94% of consumers recalled seeing the display with rotating motion, 62% recalled the display with front to back motion and only 43% recalled seeing the static display for the same product. Their conclusion? “The value of traditional point-of-purchase displays can be increased by the use of attention getting devices such as motion.” Motion stands out. Dynapac knows that there are significant advantages to using motion to engage consumers and make interesting, memorable point-of-purchase displays that can lead to improved sales, market share and consumer brand awareness (POPAI).

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Attract Attention.

At Dynapac, we use motion to make products stand out. As we continue to provide products and services designed to make customers stand out with motion, the incorporation of LED,video and data, synchronized systems, display turntables and much more is guaranteed to make long lasting rotating product displays that stand out for the future. To learn more about how to make products and services stand out with motion, visit us at or give us a call 801.485.2221


POPAI. Two Studies on the Effectiveness of Static and Motion Displays, conducted by Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. for the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute, Inc. (POPAI) Information Center.