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Warning: Non-Dynapac Rotators in Circulation

Dynapac Rotating Company would like to warn all out customers that we have spotted non Dynapac made hanging rotators being built and sold. These rotators look very similar to genuine Dynapac IG­2 Hanging rotators but may not be engineered or manufactured with all the same safety features as a genuine rotator. Dynapac is working to rectify any confusion, but please be cautious when buying any rotators from a third party or non Dynapac source. For your safety, note the differences between Dynapac and Non­Dynapac rotators below. Non­Dynapac rotators may have:

  • Smaller bearing housings
  • No safety clutch
  • Non­marked eyebolts (No country of origin, weight rating, or proof of safety rating)
  • Non­welded hardware
  • Thinner electrical wires with insufficient grounding
  • Non­grounded plugs
  • No UL or other safety rating on plugs
  • Wires that have not been insulated properly
  • The rotator as a whole has not been UL rated
  • No Dynapac name or logo

Non-Dynapac Rotator Visual Guide