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Dynapac- Singapore Doors


Weighing 1500 lbs each, and with barely over a millimeter of separation between them, giant LED screen covered doors with Dynapac custom motorized hinges are poised to open for happy couples in a Singapore wedding chapel sometime in the first half of 2015. These awe inspiring doors are outfitted in a wall of LED that towers at about 10 meters (32 ft) and span 16 meters (52 ft) across the chapel, where lucky wedding guests will be able to view pictures and videos of the couple as they walk through the doors, each about 6×6 meters. The doors open inward about ninety degrees from a fitted position adjustable to within 1.5 mm of space between the doors, and are equipped with a safety system also engineered by Dynapac that stops the doors before they could potentially harm someone with their crushing force.