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Dynapac Rotates MirrorBall for New Year’s Eve Celebration

mirrorball at night
The MirrorBall on New Year’s Eve, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dynapac recently put a spin on Salt Lake City’s EVE Winter Fest, a celebration to bring in the New Year, by rotating the featured mirrored disco ball, the “MirrorBall”, as it was hoisted 160 feet into the air. Revolving slowly with a Dynapac L-300G rotator, while lights and lasers played off the mirrored surface, the ball was a large part of the citywide celebration that ushered in 2015. At 20 ft in diameter, and over 60 ft in circumference, the MirrorBall weighs in at 2433 lbs, and can fit, as EVE’s website humorously notes, “At last attempt, 78 clowns.”

A view from inside the MirrorBall
eve mirrorball
The MirrorBall

With a secret hatch to access the inside of the ball, Dynapac was able to install a larger rotator, the L-300G to get the job done. EVE attendees were able to get up close and take a look inside the ball on the 29th and 30th, before the MirrorBall made its grand ascent into the night sky on the 31st. The MirrorBall was engineered by Artist Derek Dyer, leading a team of more than 50 volunteers and local artists in constructing the ball from over a thousand 12″ square mirrors, each custom cut and hand assembled. The ball is considered the largest mirrored sphere in the United States.

For more information on the MirrorBall, visit EVE Winter Fest at

The Dynapac L300G rotator installed at the base of the MirrorBall