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Dynapac Chandelier Hoist systems will reliably raise and lower your chandelier in a Safe, Sturdy, and Easy to Use manner.   Our full package includes preliminary design & consulting, all items required for the hoist system (listed below) and on-site installation.

A simple keyed switch located within eyesight will raise and lower the chandelier.  Built into the system is a top limit and bottom limit, so the chandelier always raises to the same exact height and never drops too low to hit the ground.  A redundant safety strap is included to stop the chandelier from falling if the main hoist line is ever compromised.  Power to the lights is continuous, leaving them illuminated even when lowered, for easy identification of burnt-out light bulbs near the ground.  Special remote-control packages (to operate multiple different units within the same room) are also available.

1000 lb Capacity Chandelier Winch System – Configuration “A”

(Hoist Unit & Electric Cable feed from one side and Safety Strap feeds from opposite side)

Complete Package Includes:

  • Technical Help & Consulting to determine best installation Configuration
  • Motor Winch to raise/lower chandelier weighing up to 1000 lbs (454 Kg)
  • Keyed Wall Switch (wireless remote control option available)
  • Safety Strap and Safety Arrestor System
  • Cable Power Reel with Silver Brushes/Rings for long life (15 amp rating – 3 wire & 7 wire models available)
  • Pulley System – to properly route cables and hang chandelier in correct position
  • On-Site Installation (call for details)
Weight10 lbs
Dimensions42 × 24 × 33 in

CHANDELIER HOIST CONFIGURATION A1000 lb Chandelier WinchSafety Arrestor AssemblyElectrical Cable ReelChandelier Pulley Assembly A1000 lb Chandelier Winch Cad FilesSafety-Arrestor-Assembly-CAD-FilesElectrical Cable Reel CAD FilesChandelier-Pulley-Assembly-A-CAD-Files

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