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Custom Machining Services at Dynapac

You know Dynapac Rotating Company for our durable and reliable rotators and winches, but did you know that Dynapac also designs and produces custom parts? If you have a custom part you need made we have the services to build it! Dynapac offers a full range of services; consulting, design prototyping, and machine shop services. We can even 3D print! Our bold service makes it easy for you to get the custom parts you need.

Dynapac engineers use Solid Works CAD to draft and machine parts

Machined parts fabricated at Dynapac

Dynapac’s shop features a wide range of different machines with different capabilities to produce almost any part you can think of. We have recently added a new machine to expand our repertoire; the Okuma LB3000 EX II machining center! This is a larger, more accurate machining center that both mills and turns parts, allowing us here at Dynapac to offer a wider range of services than ever before. With our specialization in producing our own gears and gearboxes the LB3000 is helping us to refine our craft even further with high precision gears and splines.

The new Okuma LB3000 EX II at Dynapac

Traditional machine shop services aren’t what you’re looking for? Dynapac also offers 3D printing services. With our rapid services we can have ABS plastic prototypes completed in hurry; sometimes as little as one day! We can work from 3-D model files you have already completed or assist you in designing your part with our team of engineers. For more details on our 3D printing process or to get a quote simply go to the following:

3D printed parts from Dynapac

With our wide range of capabilities, world-class service, and commitment to customer care Dynapac is ready to help you produce the parts you need to run your business smoothly. Contact Dynapac Rotating Company today to begin!